1 Billion People Die From Hunger.

1 Billion People Die From Hunger.

Flipping through the pages of headlines on the daily papers and walking through hundreds of food stores and boutique restaurants just makes me wonder. How much food are we taking in that could probably save a life or two somewhere else in this world? It’s not news that as a part of the world is fighting the problem of obesity, another part is dying of hunger. But does it takes a crisis as such to make us realise we are actually taking in more than we need?

Everyone needs a certain intake of food to survive, and for luxury purposes, we could take a little more than the minimum. However looking at Singapore, we are a nation of food-lovers and we proudly indulge ourselves in breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, supper (excluding all in-between snacks) with tables filled with rich foods and wasted foods end of the day. Definitely we are not alone. In most of the developed countries, a similiar scenario is taking place. Even in countries like China, where you see tons of wastage in big cities like Shanghai and Beijing, there are children starving in rural GuangXi or ShanDong. Surely we understand that better standard of living calls for more expectations in food. And the fact that we worked hard for it, we deserve to have the better and more. I absolutely agree with this statement. However, I was just wondering, if we call upon a national effort or even an international effort to battle against the rising food prices and shortages by cutting down on food wastage, that everyone be responsible for each other’s living, then perhaps there may be a glimpse of hope for the less fortunate.

Can we eat only what we need and buy only what we eat. Have responsible food providers to produce only what can be sold and buy ingredients in relative. This may not make any significant changes over night, but nevertheless it is a good solution to fighting both food shortages, obesity and even battling diseases and problems of medical bills in the long term. Can we call on national support to collect whatever good but wasted food like breads that can’t be sold, which is already done now, and perhaps packets of rice that can’t be sold etc to homes and free food outlets. If we take a little more concern to the world we live and try to be a responsible global citizen, we can help by taking little steps. Definitely it is not likely for us to stop this crisis, but if we can even slow it down by a few percentage, please bear in mind that we are saving lifes. My family for one has started taking in less but right foods for the sake of health. However, through this process, I realised that I don’t really need to take in as much to survive. My food intake has been halved but my health has improved tremendously. We may be buying less off the shelves, but that means we leave more for others to buy.

If we sincerely believe each of us can play a part in the bigger environment, and truly wants to play a part, do consider buy less, eat less and give more. Wealth is the accumulation of giving, not having.

World Food Programme

Of course, and if you can… support in dollars and cents please. As I post this, I have made a personal donation to the World Food Programme. I may not be a millionare, I may not be able to offer a mountain of gold. But every cent counts. Every single cent saves a life. Imagine how many people the little piggy bank in your room can save?

Support A Billion for A Billion movement by the World Food Programme. Even if you do not have the monetary means to, help spread the awareness. While we have the choice and freedom to decide what to have for lunch and dinner, we also have the choice to make the difference. Don’t be unmoved. Don’t be aloof. Don’t look away. You may be one individual, but you may be the one individual who would change the lives of many others. Don’t wait.

BE that difference today.

I thank you from the deepest of my heart.

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