How to do #followfriday wrong & be unfollowed.

How to do #followfriday wrong & be unfollowed.

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#followfriday is THE day in Twitterverse where everyone expresses their gratitude and reciprocate by recommending the good folks to follow. It has since become the most anticipated day of the week on the microblogging network. People are eager to impress, suck up to and look appreciative. Of course, Twitter is filled with many truely sincere folks, but there are also some just hoping to rip off from the community.

And to assist you in falling into this evil cycle, here’s how to do #followfriday wrong and be successfully unfollowed.

  1. Blast Those Names!
    You go to, narrow on all the big endorsers with a huge following and spam their names on a big #followfriday list. Hopefully in return they will say thank you because most of them are such nice folks. Then your follower list will suddenly explode.
  2. Retweets the #FF
    You know RTs always work. Hence you RT even the #followfriday recommendations so someone will take notice of you. You don’t know them and you don’t really care!
  3. Recommend Someone You Don’t Know
    You are not following them, you haven’t  had a conversation with them. You don’t even know their gender. But who cares? Everyone seem to be following them and it kind of worked! So why not? You join in the trend and flood them.
  4. Mass #FollowFriday
    Who needs customized recommendations? Mass list will do. So you copy and paste every single name on your follower list. Just to make sure you play fair and make everyone happy.

If you follow the 4 steps above, I ensure you that you will definitely achieve unfollows. Good luck! Have fun with #followfriday the wrong way.

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2 thoughts on “How to do #followfriday wrong & be unfollowed.

  1. LOL! Nice one! I’ve had a few people RT my follow friday reccos. I’ve only ever reccomended people I know or have conversed with and added value to my own and my company’s tweets.

    Did you tweet this out? You should, I’ll RT it 🙂

  2. Hi Biresh

    Hey thanks for paying my site a visit. Yes I’ve tweeted it a couple of times. Haha! I’d love the favor if you can tweet it for me too!


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